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A Word About Our Buddhas

When entering our store, one might wonder "what's with all the @#%@#&..buddhas" because indeed they are very noticeable and make up a big part of our store's ambiance. Let me explain...when I decided to open my business I had a certain atmosphere in mind but wasn't particularly looking for buddhas. Nevertheless, the buddhas found ME. "Samma-Ajiva" means beneficial livelihood without the distress caused by harmful behavior. We carry fair trade buddhas that benefit everyone from carver to caster to the person who takes them home. We don't just carry any buddhas. We look for an expression of peace and serenity, because who wants to look at a stressed buddha. The beautiful face pictured above is our Quan Yin made in marble dust. She has been gracing our store since we opened and no doubt has done the same in many of our customers' homes and gardens. She is also in my own garden beneath an elm tree. Every morning be it a perfect spring day or dreary stormy day or a frigid cold day she has been there greeting me for the past 2 decades.

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