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Immunity Boost

With the corona virus looming over us thanks to the fear mongering media, we are distracted from the real threat that is the common flu. As an advocate for healthy lifestyle and herbal remedies I try to avoid grabbing the over the counter syrups and pills out of desperation. Below is from a blog by Jenny Pao, founder of Nectar Essences.

" Not all heroes wear capes. Some come in little glass jars and fight invisible enemies. Germs and viruses are all over the news the last few weeks, so we wanted to send out a PSA to all of our self-healing friends:  Superbugs cannot build resistance to the anti-microbial powers found in essential oils. Our formulas contain essential oils that are scientifically-proven to demolish Strep, E-coli, Staph and MRSA in a petri dish, as well as in the air. Batman is cool and all, but will he make sure you never waste your sick days for actually being sick? I don't really think he will.

Life is contaminating, but not to worry. Super-immunity will supercharge your immune system. In these times of intense immunity challenges, put two drops into your hands and inhale, several times a day, especially after you've been in populous areas. The glorious vapors from lemongrass, coriander, thyme, rosemary, oregano and clove travel into your sinuses and lungs to fight infection where they begin. 

Oral supplements and eating healing, medicinal foods is very helpful, but it can take several hours to digest and absorb those nutrients. Essential oils travel instantaneously to protect you and your family."

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