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Things to do for Fall

What a year it's been and now more than ever it's required, almost mandatory that we focus on not only healing ourselves but also the earth. And I don't mean that in a figurative sense, but more literally. By healing the space immediately in front of us we set into motion the energy of goodness and health that reverberates all around our home, our household, and therefore our community and eventually the rest of our planet. Sounds grandiose I know, but where else do we start but what's been given to us at this moment.

Plant flowers! Poppies! Did you know that sowing flower seeds in the fall will yield bigger, more robust blooms in the Spring? Poppies are perfect for fall sowing. They germinate best and earlier when they are sown directly in the garden in fall and even winter. Here are some tips for success with poppies: Poppies thrive in poor to average soil. No soil amendments needed. Sow seeds on the soil surface. Snow and rain will nestle seeds in during the winter.  

Pollinators love poppies. Adding poppies to your garden can help pollinators and boost pollination of vegetables at the same time. Poppies reseed, so one packet of seed can bring many years of beautiful blooms. Leave some seed head standing to encourage reseeding.

Keep fertilizing those household plants through Fall. Most people think fertilizing is only for Spring and Summer, but plants benefit from Fall fertilizing as well. It gives them the nutrient reserve they need for the upcoming Winter during which we can all benefit from the presence of healthy plants when we will be spending most our days inside. And don't forget, plants clean and improves the air we breathe so all the more reason to keep our green friends at tip top shape.

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