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PLANT FOOD: Not your ordinary plant food. Fuel your garden’s growth and ensure a healthy diet with this nutritious, protein-infused booster that will help your plants live their best lives. Made from recycled supermarket food waste, this nourishing supplement supports your overall soil fertility for greener, thicker leaves, more blooms, and deeper roots.

-Nutritional supplement for indoor gardening and houseplants

-Improves your plant’s uptake of essential nutrients, strengthening from root to shoot

-Supports soil fertility with biological compounds made from recycled supermarket food waste

-Infused with rosemary oil for aromatherapy and antioxidant benefits


FUNGICIDE: Control challenging diseases longer with our natural bio fungicide. Protects against fungus, mold, mildew, and rot using mother nature’s good bacteria. Say goodbye to disease on your leaves and in your soil and hello to stronger plants. Disease protection for both indoor and outdoor gardening

-Use on: vegetables, roses, fruits, berries, nuts, flowers, foliage houseplants, ornamental trees, and shrubs

-Controls and suppresses: grey and white molds, downy mildews, black spots on roses, leaf spots, root rot, botrytis, and more


INSECTICIDE: Prevent insect and mite build up and suppress soil-dwelling pests with our bio insecticide. This unique formulation uses good bacteria that’s harmless to beneficial insects and pollinators and helps your plant thrive. Grow plants, not pests with over 20 natural compounds that are effective against the smallest yet mightiest of pests.

-For control and suppression of pest insects and nematodes both indoor and outdoor.

-Use on: vegetables, fruits, nuts, ornamental plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, foliage and tropical plants.

-Controls and prevents: aphids, fungus, gnats, mites, mealybugs, leafhoppers, tent caterpillars, grubs, leaf beetles, thrips, whiteflies, stink bugs, fruit flies, and more


PROTECTANT: Stimulate growth and safeguard your outdoor garden with this powerful biological plant extract that will boost your plants’ inherent defenses to naturally protect itself and ward off disease. This bio protectant helps your garden grow to new heights with greener leaves, deeper roots, and improved soil health.

-Plant stimulant and disease protectant for outdoor gardening

-Use on: vegetables, roses, fruits, berries, nuts, flowers, foliage, ornamental trees and shrubs

-Prevents and controls: powdery mildew, botrytis, black spot on rose, white mold, leaf spot, rust, and more


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