Deceivingly powerful and lightweight, the Better!Broomworks like an outdoor whiskbroom.


Made from the stiff yet flexible midrib of the coconut palm frond, the BetterBroom combines the benefits of a rake with a broom to easily power ​through leaves, gravel, sand and light snow, pine needles, seeds, job site and other outdoor debris.


All natural and eco-friendly, the BetterBroom's slim design cleans cracks and crevices with ease and, when not in use, the BetterBroom​ earns its spot on the front porch or back deck, as if it were merely a decorative accessory ~ 

yet it's a beautiful, handy, lightweight, and powerful tool when chores are at hand.

  • Dimensions: 55" L x 13" W x 2.5" D
  • Weight: 2 lbs. (approx.)
  • Handcrafted  in Sri Lanka

Better Broom