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Candy Cap Mushroom Infused Raw Honey: Have you ever tried Candy Cap Mushrooms? These amazing natural wonders taste and smell more like maple than maple syrup! These mushrooms are not able to be cultivated. They are wild-harvested by professionals in limited batches.


100% Virgin Clover Honey: This is a very special honey collected from a unique wild clover flower with a light nectar both in color & taste. The fine crystals of this nectar make a naturally smooth honey with a buttery texture, like a spun or whipped honey, only naturally occurring without processing or overheating the honey. Never heated above 95°, the natural temperature of a beehive, this is a very natural and in-tact honey.


Mini 2oz Raw Unfiltered Clover Honey Bears: Collected by the bees from wild clover flowers, raw and unfiltered means that this honey still contains traces of pollen, propolis and tiny bits of wax as well as the minerals and the beneficials naturally occurring in real honey just the way the bees make it.

Blue Sage Honey

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