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Peppermint bark - This peppermint dark chocolate bar is filled with rich dark chocolate and studded with crunchy peppermint candy cane pieces, for one of the most beautiful and delicious bars ever! Decked out in a holiday Christmas pattern with polar bears and crystals collage, this delightful holiday treat is decadent and beautiful all at the same time! Made in the USA.


Nightcap Whisky - The nightcap whiskey dark chocolate bar is infused with the finest whiskey. Deep dark chocolate lures you in closer, as whiskey and chocolate collide in this tempting delight. The nightcap is pure whiskey dark chocolate madness. Features a new design with a warm copper black smokey finish. Made in the USA.


Salted Pretzel - Gourmet handmade dark chocolate bar made with gourmet dark chocolate and tons of crushed San Francisco sourdough pretzels. This combo is the ultimate meeting of dark chocolate, sea salt, and crunch. We dare you to have just one bite of this delicious chocolate treat! Featuring Los Angeles palm trees with an LA sunset design, a gorgeous pink and green pattern adorns this handmade chocolate bar. Made in the USA.


Bourbon Pecan Pie - This bourbon pecan pie bar is filled with luscious pecans, pecan pie and bourbon, what can be better? Festive packaging - Check! This delicious bar is going to be your new holiday favorite! Made in the USA.


Churros and Horchata - The churro and horchata chocolate bar is the stuff dreams are made of, filled with crunchy churros and creamy horchata. So good and so unique! Made in the USA.


Campfire S'Mores - The campfire s'mores dark chocolate bar is s'mores taken up a notch. Homemade marshmallows blended with rich signature dark chocolate with bits of graham crackers for a familiar, yet distinctive, flavor sensation. What can be better than chocolate s'mores in chocolate bar form? Features a gorgeous design made from over 40 photos. This bar evokes summertime, campfires, and warmth, and will quickly become a new addition to your summer celebrations. Made in the USA.

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