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The stylish pour-over coffee brewer BLOOM AND FLOW can be operated with any standard paper cone filter (No.2 and No.4) or any V-shape filter, allowing you to brew either 2,4 or 6 cups. Brewer consists of the heat-resistant glass carafe and a unique funnel insert, providing an optimized blooming and flow of your coffee through the filter paper. Made in Germany with machine blown borosilicate glass it offers the best thermal properties. Thus, the BLOOM AND FLOW™️ carafe can be placed (with liquid. but not empty) on a stove or over an open flame; it is also microwave-safe. The silicone collar is soft to the touch and is available in red or black, matching the colors of our coffee grinders. To keep your coffee warm, BLOOM ANDFLOW™️ comes with a lid.
Made in Germany

Finum Pour Over Coffee Brewer Red

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