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Heart Sutra Rosewood Buddhist Wrist Mala - Prayer Bracelet.

The Heart Sutra is a deeply loved text in Zen Buddhism and is chanted daily by Zen Monks in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and other more. Each bead is engraved sequentially with the text from the Heart Sutra - for example, bead one contains the first 40 or so characters, bead two contains the next 40, etc.

Made from Rosewood.

Bead Size: 12mm



Plainsong/Chant Ancient


The Great Wisdom of the Heart Sutra!


When the Bodhisattva Kuan Yin
Who was practicing Deep Prajnaparamita
Perceived the five skandhas (senses)
He saw them to be in their own self-nature Empty
And He Was delivered from all suffering and misery
He said:
Oh Sariputra, Form is emptiness, Emptiness is form.
Form is the same as emptiness, Emptiness is the same as form.
That which is formed is empty, that which is empty has form
So it is also with sensation and thought and activity and consciousness.
Oh Sariputra! All things are empty:
They are not born, They are not annihilated.
They are not impure, They are not pure.
They do not increase, They do not decrease,
Therefore, Oh Sariputra:

In emptiness there is no form, no sensation, no thought, No activity, No consciousness.
No eye, nor nose, nor tongue, Nor body, nor mind.
No form, nor sound, nor color, nor taste, nor touch, nor objects.
No element of hearing. No element of vision, no element of smelling, No element of tasting, no element of touching, No element of consciousness.
There is no knowledge and no ignorance 'til we come to No old age and No death
And no extinction of old age and death.
There is no suffering, No accumulation, no annihilation, No Path
There is no Knowledge, no attainment and no realization.
Because there is no Attainment in the mind of the Bodhisattva who depends on
Prajna Paramita there are no obstacles, And going beyond Distorted views: He is Nirvana!
All Buddhas of the Past, Present and Future depend on Prajna Paramita to attain the
Highest Perfect Enlightenment. Therefore one should know that The Prajna Paramita is the Great Mantra, The Mantra of Great Wisdom, The Highest Mantra, The Unequaled Mantra, The End of All Suffering! True not false! The Mantra is proclaimed in Prajna Paramita: Oh Buddha! Going, Going, Going On, To the Other Shore. Always going on to the Other Shore! Always Becoming Buddha! Hail the Sutra of the Heart of Great Wisdom!
The Great Scripture of Wisdom of the Heart!
The Great Scripture of Wisdom of the Heart!
The Great Scripture of Wisdom of the Heart!

Heart Sutra Bracelet

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