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POP'S CONCENTRATED NECTAR - One 50.7oz Bag makes 150oz of Nectar. Use easy pour spout to fill feeder directly 1/3 with Nectarade and the rest with water. Stays fresh for months when refrigerated.


ADDED ELECTROLYTES AND CALCIUM - Help prevent Hummingbird dehydration and promote healthy eggshell growth. Infused with floral extracts from flowers humming birds visit most.


ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Made with only the finest all natural ingredients. Contains no harmful dyes or artificial preservatives. All natural, clear formula.


MADE IN THE USA - Small batched in the USA with guaranteed analysis


SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING - Food grade packaging keeps nectar fresh longer while reducing carbon frootprint up to 85% when compared to traditional packaging.

Hummingbird Nectar

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