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Aqua: Formulated with deep sea water and plankton extract, this mask helps to strengthen your moisture barrier with a burst of hydration. It shields environmental aggressors and comforts irritation, helping rough, tired skin to regain health, energy and achieve a baby soft glow.


Vita C: Enriched with Vitamin C, a vital molecule for skin health and a top-notch skin brightener, this mask is the ultimate glow maker that targets spots and discoloration for a more even, brighter appearance. The essence is packed with an antioxidant powerhouse to protect your complexion from aggressors like UV damage + pollution.


Aloe: Brings cool, comforting relief to sensitive and damaged skin. The essence quickly makes itself at home, sinking into skin to help retain moisture and calm your complexion. Cucumber extract helps to effortlessly soothe redness, irritation + inflammation.


Charcoal: Like a magnet, this mask draws out impurities to the skin’s surface, helping to achieve a radiant blank slate. The charcoal & glycolic acid enriched formula delivers multi-correctional powers like cleansing, exfoliating, detoxifying, absorbing oil, and tightening stubborn pores.

Lapcos Beauty

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