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This stately, large and calm Buddha statue has his hands in the position called the 'Teaching Mudra'. In Sanskrit it is the 'Vitarka Mudra'. The thumb and index finger touch, forming a circle, symbolizing the 'Wheel of the Teaching'. This mudra symbolizes staying in the center to 'observe', not 'reacting', which will cause more conditioned reactions. From that still point of observing from the center, we can see things as they are and be free from the limiting cycle of samsara. Placement: He can reside inside or as a garden Buddha statue he can sit in a protected place in your garden. 33 3/4" high, 21 1/2" wide and 13" deep. Material: Metal bonded with resin and antiqued by hand. There can be minor variations in color because the antiquing is a natural process that will get more beautiful with time. MADE IN USA

Large Teaching Buddha Statue

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