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Specialty Muth Jars are made of glass and cork, complete with the design of an old-fashioned beehive and “One Pound Pure Honey” script. A beautiful addition to any kitchen display, or as a unique gift option.  Great paired with tea or mug gift. Contains 1lb. of Honey (16 oz).


About Bee Box:

The Bee Box is dedicated to providing pure, natural, local products to our customers. With over 99 years of beekeeping experience, we've always put the health of our honey bees first in order to produce the highest quality honey, pollen, and products from the hive. Our honey and pollen is exclusively produced by the our family, who began beekeeping four generations ago with only 5 hives; today we have over 6,000 hives strong and continue to produce the highest quality honey and products from the hive. The products we sell are hand-made, small batch, and 100% natural. We never change the natural components of the materials we harvest from the beehives. 

Local Wildflower Honey