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Hair oil 3.4 oz is light yet nourishing for dry, curly, kinky and all-around thirsty hair. Organic argan and olive oil infused with horsetail, rosemary, and nettles are just a few of the ingredients that make our hair oil magical. This residue-free hair oil detangles your hair.  Silky dry shampoo is perfect for on-the-go styling. It will soak up oil at the scalp, give you extra body and leave your hair looking and smelling as fresh as a day one wash with your choice of intoxicating aromas. 

It’s great for those days when you are too busy or it’s inconvenient to wash your hair, like after a workout. People on the go, new mothers, campers, hikers, travelers, those who are recovering from surgery, and others love the convenience of Lulu Organics dry shampoo. Professional hairdressers and stylists use our hair powder to thicken and give body to their clients’ hair. And fewer washings help preserve semi-permanent hair color.

Lulu Organics is a homegrown, holistic beauty company dedicated to the health and wellbeing of their customers. After years of finding few products on the market that Lulu trusted and loved, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Lulu Organics wants you to have confidence in their handmade products and trust that the ingredients are simple, healing, and most importantly, safe for your body.

Lulu Organics Hair Powder is talc and paraben free and has never been tested on animals.

Made in USA.

Lulu Organics

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