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Three positions hand pruner to fit the diameter of the branches and the size of the hand. Locking system in the closed position. Stainless steel blade with cutting capacity of 20 mm. Beech handle featured in Oprah Magazine in May 2017!


The No.08 folding knife and synthetic leather sheath is the perfect gift for any adventurer. The Sandvic stainless steel blade will stay sharp for years to come with minimal maintenance and the faux-leather sheath is durable, yet lightweight enough to adorn belt loops and backpacks without getting in the way.


The No.06 folding knife is lightweight and just the right size for tossing into your bag or pocket so you're never without an Opinel! Whether you're opening packages or having an impromptu picnic in the park, you'll be glad to have this folding knife close at hand.


"My first Opinel knife" and recycled sheath is great for picnics, whittling, and outdoor adventures. The knife feature a 3.15'' blunted stainless steel blade and a beechwood handle from sustainably managed French forests. The knife folds and locks in open and closed position for extra safety. The sheath is made out of repurposed plastic and leather.


This T shaped peeler is unlike any other in your kitchen drawers. Equipped with a duo of stainless steel blades, the T-DUO peeler can both peel and julienne with a flip of the tool.

Opinel Tools

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