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About Full Moon Farms:



We are a small family run business that wanted to share our love of Smudging and the beauty it brings to a ceremony, meditation, life. We look for the best quality products we can find. We work with company’s and wild crafters that have the upmost respect for the land and plants they harvest. All of our desert sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar, Piñon Resin, Three Sisters Wands is all from Native America sourced wild-crafters. Our White Sage is wild-crafted in Southern California by a wonderful family that we work closely with. They take great care of the plants they harvest, Never over harvesting the plant! Our Palo Santo comes from Ecuador, we work with a great company there that Sub-stainable harvests all of their wood and work with the local government and community to plant new trees. They plant around 4000 trees a year. We want our business and yours to sell a product we can both be proud of, so we will always do our best to bring you the best products in the most loving and respectful way. That’s who we are.

Room Sprays

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