SANS is a new and innovative glass travel bottle with a vacuum pump mechanism to remove the air and preserve juices and smoothies. SANS was developed out of the need to preserve and avoid rapid oxidation of fresh juices and smoothies. During the blending process, fruits and vegetables oxidize, lose nutrients and go bad. We discovered a way to slow down this process to enjoy your juices and smoothies on your time.

Preserve food longer by removing oxygen which is the #1 reason food spoils. Designed for use at home but made with the lightest, highest quality glass to not weigh you down if you take it on-the-go.

  • PUMP, SAVE AND ENJOY LATER | Built-in vacuum pump preserves freshness of your smoothies and shakes for 3-7 days
  • LEAK-PROOF AND TRAVEL-FRIENDLY | 16-oz. bottle is ideal for both drink storage and on-the-go use with secure, air-tight, leak-proof seal
  • EASY GRIP GLASS BOTTLE | Borosilicate glass is protected by easy-grip silicone sleeve to ensure long-term, clean, and healthy usage
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE AND SIMPLE TO USE | Preserves smoothies, shakes, juices, wine, fruits, vegetables, baby food and more. Pump 5-7 times and it's vacuum-sealed. Wide-mouth opening makes hand-washing easy

SANS Vacuum Storage Bottle